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Do you want to step into Biblical Womanhood, but you do not understand how to apply God’s word in your daily life? Have you struggled with believing what the word of God says about you? Are you ready to take the scriptures you read and apply them to your life?

This devotional, Teachable Moments will inspire you to recognize Jesus’ promises, provision, and protection in moments big or small!


With this 31-Day Devotional

  • Build your faith through the word of God.
  • Learn how to utilize God’s word for your daily needs.
  • Grow in your understanding of scripture for the different seasons of your life.
  • Gain a fresh perspective through the lens of faith.

By the end of this devotional, you will be able to seek the Lord concerning your life and those connected to you. You will also be able to search for scripture that speaks to your current situation.

“Teachable Moments will enrich your daily walk with the Holy Spirit by showing you that it’s okay not to know it all because you know the one who does.” -Jennifer Parks

Teachable Moments Ebook

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