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Activate your SUPERPOWER one page at time!


Are you unsure of how to begin the journey from where you are to where you want to be in the Lord? Have you struggled with the application of God's word? Becoming Superwoman will teach you how to use biblical principles to activate the power of God in your daily life so that you can soar like never before and have the ability to see a change in your life.


Becoming Superwoman will inspire you to recognize Jesus’ promises, provision, and protection in moments big and small by:

  • Building faith with a journey through the word of God,
  • Giving examples of utilizing God’s word for daily needs,
  • Application and understanding of scripture for the different seasons of life,
  • Giving a fresh perspective through the lens of faith


By the end of this 31-day devotional, you will be activated to seek the Lord concerning your life and those connected to you. You will also be able to find scripture that speaks to your current situation and put your faith into action. Becoming Superwoman will enrich your daily walk with the Holy Spirit by showing you it's okay not to know it all because you know the one who does.

Becoming Superwoman: 31 Days to Activate Your Peace, Purpose & Power

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